Grounding Mediation


  • A space to sit or lay down
  • Yourself

The Meditation

Sit or lay down comfortably and close your eyes.
Imagine roots slowing unfurling from your base, coming down from your body into the ground below you. You define what the ground is: it can be the floor or the earth below the space you are in. Watch your roots spread out and grow. Everything your roots touch is sacred.

Once you feel that your roots are settled in place, imagine a fire kindling in your center. Say to yourself:

I am an old oak tree
a fire grows within me

See the fire get stronger. It cannot damage you, as you can hold this balance and complexity within you. The fire of passion will not consume the oak of strength. Feel your roots pull energy from the earth, fueling your inner fire. Sit with this feeling for as long as you need.

When you are ready, return the energy back to the earth and slowly bring your roots back in. You are of this place. You are part of this place. The earth supports you and you feed back into it. Your roots are always there for you. Open your eyes and gently return to your day.

When you first start this practice your roots may be small tendrils; they will eventually grow as you continue to do this meditation. See your roots grow and spread around you as you raise more energy.