Crone Vibes

Rituals & Meditations

cauldron nestled in autumn leaves with papers burning inside it

Grounding Meditation

Take a moment and root yourself into your surroundings.

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altar with tarot card, flowers, and candle

Beltane Ritual

A simple practice to celebrate the land and your inner power.

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Herbal Booklets & Reference

cover and open page of winter herbal zine

Winter Notebook

This eight-page booklet includes herbal recipes that will help you make space for soothing, calming, and balancing yourself. I’ve also included explanations of the benefits for the herbs used so that you may remix and create your own remedies.

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cover and open page of herbal zine with crystal

A Year of Recipes and Rituals

A thirty-page booklet that is split up by the seasons. It goes through various recipes, from granola to skin balm, as well as rituals that follow the Wheel of the Year. Includes bibliography and further reading.

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jar of herbs being infused in oil

Materia Medica

An online herbal guide and collection of monographs. The guide is fully searchable and can be downloaded as a PDF.

It is a living document and will constantly grow and change. I have no medical background, so use this information with the knowledge that I am simply a curious researcher and enjoy making things in the kitchen.


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Monthly Newsletter

My monthly newsletters are an act of devotion and a way to hold intention with my rituals. In sharing a short write up on what actions I got up to in the last month I hope to encourage you to embrace your power and creativity.


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I am a folk witch drawing from my Serbian, Italian, and Venezuelan heritage. Much of what I learned is from watching my grandmother “help things along.” She would never call what she does spellcraft; it took me decades to discover much of the habits I observed as being rooted in paganism. I am still discovering and unearthing.

My practice leans toward simple nature-based rituals that involve few items. I find strength in ancestor work, candles, tarot, herbal oils, and teas. I share my herbal recipes and rituals on here, my zines, and Patreon in the hopes that it will help folks find their inner power.