Crone Vibes

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Rituals & Tutorials

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Quick Home Protection Charm Bag

Simple and quick spiritual protection spell pouch for your entrance, doorway, or entire home.

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Grounding Meditation

Take a moment and root yourself into your surroundings.

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I am a folk practitioner drawing from my Slavic, Italian, and Venezuelan heritage. Much of what I learned is from watching my grandmother “help things along.” She would never call what she does spellcraft; it took me decades to discover much of the habits I observed as being rooted in paganism. I am still discovering and unearthing.

My practice leans toward simple nature-based rituals that involve few items. I find strength in ancestor work, candles, tarot, herbal oils, and teas. I share my practices and rituals through zines, newsletters, and YouTube in the hopes that it will help you find ease in your strength.

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Training & Certification

  • 200-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training, Expected Fall 2022
  • 50-hour Going Deeper: Psychologically Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training
  • Grief & Pregnancy Loss Companion
  • Thanabotany Certification (Herbalism for Grief & Death)
  • Bystander Intervention Training
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Privacy and Confidentiality CITI Certification
  • Good Clinical Practice CITI Certification
  • Biomedical Research CITI Certification